The Moraks

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The Moraks


The members of the Morak family say “We don’t get involved in big projects but in a lot of little things.” The children (and adults) who visit their Haunted House every Halloween might take issue with this self-description. The Moraks’ Haunted House is about one hundred feet long. In 1999 over seven hundred people visited it.  The Moraks also lead a Halloween parade in their neighborhood.

The Moraks also play leading roles in two important Mt. Airy institutions. Bill and Connie Morak were among the group of neighbors that founded West Mt. Airy Town Watch. Connie served as President of the group and Bill continues to be one of the coordinators of it. Bill, Bill, Jr. and Michael are active in the Town Watch patrol.  The Moraks are also active in their church, Saint Madeline Sophie. They are among the leaders of a number of the church’s annual events, including a picnic, a spaghetti dinner and a pancake breakfast, all of which are open to the whole community.

While these are not small projects, the neighbors who nominated the Moraks as one of our 40 Good Neighbors did point to the many “little things” they do that, together, have a big, positive impact on the community. The Moraks blow snow from sidewalks and their local park. They cut the grass at the park as well. When neighbors have a medical emergency or a car accident, the Moraks are among the first to volunteer their help.

Bill and Connie say, “We have a good feeling about the neighborhood and we like to share it. The neighborhood has been good to us and we like to give back.” When asked what advice they would give to neighbors looking for ways to contribute to the community, Bill, Jr. and Michael say, “People just need to keep their eyes open and watch what is going on. If something doesn’t seem right, try to fix it.”