Dr. William Winston


Dr. William Winston’s concern for Mt. Airy, and his contributions of time, energy and ideas are not unusual in this neighborhood.  His very tangible approach to revitalizing Germantown Avenue involves a level of personal commitment that is both welcome and uncommon.  In the early 1990s, Dr. Winston used his life savings to purchase the abandoned Wimmer Electric building at 6622 Germantown Avenue.  He rehabilitated the building and converted it to medical offices.  He then proceeded to purchase the next three buildings to the south.  All of these buildings are listed in the National Register of Historic Places as either significant or contributing to the Germantown Avenue Historic District. One of these buildings housed the Kent Tavern, a notorious nuisance bar that neighbors had tried, unsuccessfully, for years to have closed.  With the Kent gone, the immediate neighbors’ quality of life improved, and businesses were able to open in the properties.  Dr. Winston continues to promote changes that enhance the business climate in Mt. Airy.  He is particularly interested the site of the late Wagon Wheel at the North East corner of Germantown Avenue and Phil-Ellena Street, and the lack of available parking.