Esther Kahn


According to the woman who nominated her, Esther Kahn has “lived in Mt. Airy for over fifty years and been an exceptional neighbor to us all.”

Esther has lived on the 700 block of West Mt. Airy Avenue since 1950. She recalls, “When I was young I did a lot of volunteer work. We had a group on Mt. Airy Avenue who were involved in everything.” Esther was an important contributor to Art Jam for a number of years. She did mailings for the event. And she also prepared the Peanut Butter and Art Jam Sandwiches that were available at it.

In recent years, Esther has focused her attention on her immediate neighborhood. Her neighbors welcome her concern for them. And she has made her neighborhood special by welcoming all to her pool. One of her neighbors writes, “Esther’s pool is our summer neighborhood community center. Children swim with their parents and there is even an octogenarian segment. A quiet pool and a generous neighbor make our summers something special.”

“It is a nice neighborhood and it has been great to live here,” says Esther. “For a while it was all older people. Now nice young people are moving in. They are doing a lot for the neighborhood.”