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Edited Books

IH 52, Key Readings, second and third edition, (Pearson Publishing, 2002, 2003)

IH 52 Key Readings, fourth edition, (Temple University Press, 2004)

Ambiguity in the Western Tradition, (Peter Lang, 2006) with Craig J.N. dePaulo and Patrick Messina.




Books In Progress

The first book is a collection of five of my papers.. It will be submitted to a publisher in September 2007. The second is a collection of my blog posts. I am in discussion with Temple University Press about publishing them. The next three books are of a large work entitled Politics and Reason.  The first three books make up a larger work entitled Politics and Reason. Together they address most of the central issues of contemporary political philosophy and the philosophy of the social sciences. The three volumes were are based upon a long manuscript completed in August of 1994 that, in turn, was based upon my doctoral dissertation, which was completed in 1989.  I divided the long manuscript into three independent volumes. I hope to have all three under review in the spring of 2008. An overview of the three books, based upon the preface of my 1994 manuscript, can be found here. This essay does not present the argument of these three books in any detail. Rather it provides a summary of my approach and of the claims I defend.

Civilization and Its Contents: Platonic Reflections of Eros and the Culture Wars

What Would a Progressive Philadelphia Look Like?

The Trouble with Liberalism

Discovery or Invention?:  Rationality and the Political and Social Sciences

Reason, The Good, and Rights

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