Credits for 40 Good Neighbors

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40 Good Neighbors
Credits for 40 Good Neighbors

Credits for 40 Good Neighbors

The photographs of the 40 Good Neighbors were taken by Laurie Beck Photography. Bob Brand and Elizabeth Werthan provided the digital camera used to take the photographs of the 40 Good Neighbors.

The biographies of the 40 Good Neighbors were written by Marc Stier with the assistance of Lois Frischling, Mira Rabin, Melanie Black-Sellers, Elizabeth Werthan, Betty Gottlieb, and all those who nominated the 40 Good Neighbors and, in doing so, told us much about them. Marc Stier would like to thank Diane Gottlieb for her help in preparing the biographies.

Some of the biographies on our web site are a little longer than those found in the Commemorative Program Book. Limitations of space forced us to cut some material from the Program Book. That material has been restored here. Even so, these biographies only scratch the surface of what our 40 Good Neighbors have done for the community.