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Staff Observation Record Sheet

(Political Science Department- City College of New York)

Name of Instructor Marc Stier
Date of Visit 13 March 1987
Name of Observer Marshall Berman
Topic Discussed in Class Sin or environment as causes of crime; repressive vs. rehabilitative strategies. I was fascinated by the discussion of changing views of hereditary / environmental bases of crime.
Rating System Superior; Good; Fair; Poor
1. Are students stimulated to think? (Required to document assertions, evaluate evidence; create interpretations of facts; challenging hypotheses form instructor; provocative questions asked; etc.) Yes-students are asked to do complicated thinking on their feet and they come through!
2. Is significant subject matter emphasized? (important materials vs. detail; continuing problems vs. ephemeral matters; etc.) Yes
3. Is the interest of the class sustained? (class participation, attention, alertness; etc.) Yes
4. Is the class atmosphere good? (absence of strain, appropriate good humor) Superior
5. Is the instructor free from undesirable traits? (speech mannerisms or defects; disturbing physical movements, rudeness to students; scolding the class; unpleasant voice; poor English, talking too much; etc.) Yes
Additional Comments (including amplifications of foregoing items) Students appear not only to have done the reading, but to have thought about what they've read. The atmosphere of democratic dialogue was superb and I was envious!
General Estimate Superior

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