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Temple University

  • Associate Director, Intellectual Heritage Program, 2003-

  • Coordinate lecture sections

  • Organize seminars on teaching IH texts for our faculty seminars

  • Evaluate student concerns and complaints about IH faculty members

  • IH Internet Coordinator, Summer 2001-

  • Responsible for continual updating of and additions to IH and IH Faculty Web sites.

  • Developed new design for IH website and IH Faculty website, which went online in the fall of 2003

  • Coordinated the development of the link library program with Pearson Publishing.

  • Run seminars for faculty members on how to use the internet in teaching IH.

  • Help faculty members develop materials for their own and the IH website and solve their computer and internet related problems.

  • Member of the IH51 syllabus revision committee, 2001-2002

  • Member of the IH Policy Committee, Fall 2001-

  • Member of the IH Program Review Committee, Fall 2002-

  • Gave a number of presentations to IH faculty members and students (see Public Lectures, above.)

  • Member of the Executive Committee of the Intellectual Heritage and Humanities Series.

UNC Charlotte

  • Member of the University Committee on Teaching Excellence (1993-1995).

  • Prepared a report to faculty president Terrel Rhodes on various options for a faculty/ staff center in 1989. Subsequently appointed chairman of University Committee on the Faculty/Staff center which developed a proposal for the faculty/ staff center.

  • Chair of committee to develop new Political Philosophy curriculum and departmental requirement (1989).

  • Representative, (1989-1991) and alternate (1988, 1992) to College of Arts and Sciences Council. Chair of the Library Carrel Committee (1989-1991). Parliamentarian (1990-1991).

  • Chair (1988-89, 1991-1993) and Member (1994-1995) of the Department Honors Committee. Member of the University Honors committee (1991, 1993). Developed new departmental honors program in 1989.

  • Member of department Library Committee (1987-1995).

  • Member, Essay Contest Committee, (1987-1988).

  • Pre-graduate school adviser (1986-1995). Prepared lengthy report entitled Graduate School and career Opportunities for Political Science Majors in 1987.

  • Advised other members of the department, as well as the secretarial staff, on computer hardware and software problems (1985-1995).

  • Chair (1985-1986) and member of  department Awards Committee.