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Quality of Life Issues Handbook

Other Issues (safety, schools, taxes, trash, dogs

 Street and Parking Issues

Building Issues


  • Call the 14th district police only if drug dealing, vandalism or harassment is occurring, (215) 686-3140.

School Truancy

  • Call School Police Dispatcher, (215) 875-3623 or (215) 875-3111
  • Call the School District’s Truancy Support Center,  located in the Palumbo School at 11th & Catherine Streets (215-351-7635). 
  • Call the14th District Police,  (215) 686-3140 or 911


  • You can request a hearing before the Board of Revision of Taxes to appeal tax assessments.
  • Contact Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller's office at  (215) 686-3424

Household Trash

  • If trash is not picked up, picked up too soon, left on the curb or dumped on your property call the Sanitation Division of the Streets Department, (215) 686-5560
  • To find out your trash pickup day or other information: call the  Streets Department, customer affairs unit, (215) 686-5560
  •  To have pickups of heavy non-working appliances, large tree limbs or trunks, or anything heavy or bulky that will not fit into a regular trash container call Bulk Trash, (215)-685-2505
  • For information about recycling, call the Recycle Hotline: (215)-685-732
  • No construction materials, pathological materials, demolition materials, or hazardous waste are allowed in household Trash.
  • If you have household trash loaded in a car (no pickups or vans, 10 bags per car, please),you may take it to a  city owned facilities and dump it at no charge. The closest facility to Mt. Airy is below. For more information call the Streets Department at 215-686-5560.
  • Domino & Umbria Sts.
    Mon.-Sat. 8am-4pm


  • Water and Sewer Emergencies, Water and Sewer Service Inquiries, Water Quality Information, Taste and Odor Complaints, Open Hydrants, Inlet Cleaning, PWD Speakers Bureau, Water Conservation Programs (CAP), Water / sewer inlet cleaning, Automatic Meter Reading Installations and Inquiries, call (215) 685-6300
  • Water and Sewer Billing Inquiries and Billing Assistance Programs, call (215) 686-6880
  • For Clogged Storm Drains call the  Sanitation Division of the Streets Department, (215) 686-5560

Animal Complaints

Report cruelty to animals, strays or unwanted and dead animals, barking or noisy animals, waste of pets and horses, animal adoption, lost or found animals, animal rescue, injured animals in the street, dangerous animals, dog licenses, rodents and dead birds. PACCA will also help with questions concerning West Nile Virus.

Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Association (PACCA)
(215) 685-9040 and 685-9034
111-131 W. Hunting Park Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19140

 Philadelphia Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
350 East Erie Avenue

Dog Issues

  • Call the Sanitation Officer at 14th District Police, (215) 685-2147 and PACCA (see above.)
  • Call Neighborhood Services Unit of the Police Department, (215) 685-3097.
  • Call the Department of Public Health, (215) 823-7583.

 Insect Information Program

Not for the inside of houses. The department will answer questions or take reports regarding West Nile Virus. Report exterior problems such as rodents, roaches from sewers, bee and wasp nests on outside of homes and businesses, and dead bird, (215) 685-9027

Public Nuisance Task Force: (215)-686-5858

Vital Statistics (Birth or Death Certificates): (724) 656-3100

American Red Cross: (215) 451-4000

Salvation Army: (215) 787-2800